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Frank is our multi-talented guitarist who says he is older than he used to be. He has played with lots of famous folkies in lots of famous places and yet he plays with us! What he does with that guitar needs to be seen or you just won't believe it

When Sarah is not playing her flute, whistles, pipes and other strange instruments she does the calling. Unfortunately these two talents are not mutually compatible. She has called in lots of big venues and little ones too in the Uk and Europe.

Chris our box player is a keen collector -he owns 60 melodeons but you will have to book us to find out more. He is an expert multitasker  playing the bass drum at the same time as the squeeze. He is a veteran of the Glastonbury mud and other famous fields and master of our music.

Mike our fiddler doesn't just play them - he makes them (and they are played by famous people in orchestras ) and he mends them too in his workshop. He is an experienced ceilidh player playing from village halls to Burns Nights in Latvia (yes they do exist!)


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