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Some adequate advice ....

How much do you charge ?

This will vary according to how many musicians you want and how far away the event is. Contact us with details and we'll give you a quote.  

How long do you play for ?

Typically we would play two 75min sets which is probably more than adequate fpr most damcers! But we are flexible so contact us and discuss your ideas.

Do we need to know the dances ?

No - you need no experience at all as our expert caller with get you dancing within minutes. It's a great mixer for young and old so don;t be shy! Of course if you have favourites we will include those in our programme.           Take a look at our reviews page.

How much space do we need ?

Well yes the bigger the better - but use 1metre square per person as a guideline. Usually lomgways sets have 6 couples in a line. DON'T agree to a disco dance floor - they are not suitable for our kind of dancing and fall to bits with health and safety issues - it's better to dance on carpet or ideally on a wooden floor!Contact us to discuss.

What equipment does the bamd need ?

We bring our own PA and have a radio microphone you can use for speeches etc.  We can play background music provided by MP3 or CD. We need 4 armless chairs and access to a power socket.

What about food and drink ?

Yes please! ,,,but for your guests we suggest you make time for a food break as it's difficult to dance and eat at the same time. Contact us to discuss your plans.

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